Why Atlas One

The Only Citizen Engagement Tool You'll Ever Need

Atlas One was forged out of a decade of R&D, resulting in the most sophisticated community engagement platform ever built. Learn why the world’s leading public safety agencies are using Atlas One to engage their residents and improve service delivery.

Why Us Hero

Everything you need to adopt a modern digital strategy

Improve service delivery and community satisfaction

Quantify the results of your citizen engagement efforts

Our Story

A decade of leadership

Atlas One was built by the team behind MobilePD, the first company to ever develop a citizen engagement smartphone app for public safety.

Since 2009, MobilePD has redefined what digital citizen engagement looks like for the modern era, by specializing in modern citizen engagement technologies and 21st century policing strategies.

Along the way, it became apparent that the existing legacy communications and citizen engagement solutions were not meeting the needs of government organizations. As a result, Atlas One was born to help every public safety agency easily embrace a modern and sophisticated citizen engagement strategy.

Our Story

21st Century Policing

What is a modern citizen engagement strategy?

Real-Time Transparency

Lead with transparent and real-time data sharing

To meet your community's expectations, public safety and government organizations must lead with real-time transparent communications and information sharing to ensure false narratives don’t take place.

Real-Time Transparency

The Problem

COVID-19 turned digital citizen engagement from a nice-to-have to a must have

Communities have new expectations for personalized digital communications. If your department is like most others, your personnel lack the technology and resources to adopt and execute a modern citizen engagement strategy.

The Problem

The Solution

Atlas One is an all-in-one digital engagement platform for public safety and government

By improving transparency and trust with your community, Atlas One will act as a force multiplier, allowing residents to co-produce public safety and reduce crime in your community. Once implemented, we’ll save you substantial time and resources.

The Solution

A Better Way

Atlas One combines technology, automation, and best practices


Imagine a communications platform built using modern technology

We built Atlas One from the ground up using a modern technology stack that enables you to scale digital communications with your community like never before.


Our Platform

The most advanced community engagement platform ever built

We built Atlas One so government and public safety organizations can communicate, engage, and support their customers with the same sophistication, scale, and precision as the world's leading digital brands.

Our Platform

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