All-In-One Operational Communications

Transform Public Safety Operations with Atlas One

Modernize your agency’s communication strategy with our all-in-one operational platform. Consolidate 3-5 legacy systems, enhance efficiency, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while keeping your community informed and safe.

Reduce expenses by consolidating legacy communication systems into one powerful platform

Streamline operations and improve response times with a unified communication platform

Leverage cutting-edge technology for mass notifications, reverse-911, crime reporting, and more

Trusted by leading public safety authorities

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All-In-One Operational Communications

Comprehensive Communication Solutions for Public Safety

Stay Ahead of Incidents

Instant, Reliable Mass Notifications

Effortlessly inform your community and employees about incidents, events, and critical updates through our robust mass notification system. Reach your audience via SMS, email, voice calls, and mobile app notifications, ensuring timely and effective communication.

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Targeted Community Alerts

Notify the Community about Nearby Calls-For-Service

Deliver targeted calls-for-service alerts to residents based on their specific locations. Our reverse-911 system ensures that crucial information reaches those who need it most, enhancing public safety and emergency response.

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Empower Community Safety

Secure, Anonymous Crime Tipping

Encourage community members to report suspicious activities and crimes anonymously. Our secure tipping system protects user privacy while providing valuable intelligence to law enforcement agencies.

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Simplify Incident Reporting

Non-Emergency Crime Reporting

Streamline the reporting process for non-emergency incidents with our user-friendly platform. Enable citizens to submit reports easily, freeing up emergency lines for urgent matters.

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Support for Crime Victims

Comprehensive Victim Assistance and Support Resources

Provide crime victims with access to a wealth of resources and support services. Customize your interactive knowledge base and connect people with valuable information and guidance, helping victims navigate their recovery process.

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Manage Your Online Presence

Effective Social Media Management

Coordinate and manage your agency’s social media communications with ease. Engage with your community, share updates, and monitor feedback from a single platform.

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Community Engagement App

Interactive Community Engagement

Foster a strong connection with your community through our dedicated engagement app. Enable two-way communication, gather feedback, and keep residents informed and involved.

Community Engagement App

Attract Top Talent

Specialized Recruiting for Public Safety Agencies

Simplify and enhance your recruitment process with our unified platform. Promote job openings, manage applications, and engage with potential candidates efficiently.

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Talk with an expert

Connect with an Atlas One product expert today to learn how to modernize your communication strategy.