One Platform for 21st Century Engagement

Atlas One is a modern community engagement platform for streamlining communications with your residents. We provide everything you need in one simple platform to effectively implement a 21st century citizen engagement strategy.

Inform, educate, and engage your community at scale

Communicate with your residents using SMS, email, calling, and apps

Collect feedback and analyze community sentiment

Trusted by leading public safety authorities

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Delivering on the promise of community policing

All-In-One Messaging

Atlas One provides a unified messaging platform to engage with your community at scale. Effortlessly notify the community about upcoming events, press releases, advisories, crime alerts, critical incident notifications and more.

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Omnichannel Communication

Communicate with your residents using text messages, voice calls, emails, mobile app notifications, or social media. Simply compose a message using Atlas One, and we’ll automatically format and deliver it to every digital platform.

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Collect Feedback and Analyze Community Sentiment

Monitor the heartbeat of the community by empowering residents to share real-time feedback on the service you are providing. Analyze community sentiment to improve messaging and service delivery.

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Public Safety Advisory and Incident Alerts

Automatically notify residents of public safety advisories and incidents occurring nearby their current location, or important places they register in Atlas One, such as their home, school, or work.

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Crowdsource Intelligence and Crime Tips

Atlas One empowers your community to act as a force multiplier and share real-time crime tips, suspicious activity reports, and intelligence with your organization, including photos, videos, and the ability to conduct a live two-way chat.

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24/7 Access to Important Resources and Services

Showcase all your agency’s services and resources available to the community, such as phone directories, important web links, community programs, online reporting, and much more.

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Recruit More Qualified Candidates

Promote, market, and advertise open positions and jobs by showcasing upcoming recruiting classes, job applications, qualifications, benefits, and make the initial conversation easier by giving candidates the option to text with a recruiter.

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Talk with an expert

Connect with an Atlas One product expert today to learn how to modernize your citizen engagement strategy.