LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS – June 16th, 2022 – The Little Rock Police Department has announced they are the first public safety agency in Arkansas to crowdsource digital evidence and crime tips in real-time using Atlas One. The free iOS and Android mobile application, called YourLRPD, sends residents real-time alerts about nearby 911 calls, allowing LRPD to crowdsource tips, evidence, and feedback. The partnership with Atlas One highlights Little Rock PD’s efforts to further enhance transparency and citizen engagement with the residents they serve.

The app allows the Little Rock Police Department to publish real-time alerts when 911 calls occur nearby a residents GPS location, or through favorite places they have registered, such as their home, workplace, or children’s school. If a 911 call occurs within a few blocks, the user will be notified and be given the opportunity to share real-time information directly with LRPD. Residents have the option to submit messages, pictures, and video anonymously, and readily have a two-way text conversation with an LRPD police officer.

“Launching real-time 911 alerts with Atlas One showcases LRPD’s dedication towards increasing transparency and trust with our community,” said Major Casey Clark. “To reduce crime, we need the community's help. Atlas One is a real-time crime fighting tool that will provide residents with the ability to make a difference in their community.”

“Public safety agencies across the nation are facing staffing shortages, and need to embrace innovative technologies that create a force multiplier to fight crime,” said Kushyar Kasraie, CEO of Atlas One. “The community is the ultimate force multiplier, and today the Little Rock Police Department is taking a major step towards this goal, by providing the community with unprecedented access to real-time crime information, and equipping them with tools to crowdsource public safety.”

Little Rock residents can download Atlas One on iOS and Android smartphone devices for free, by simply searching for YourLRPD. Simply sign up and start receiving alerts about nearby 911 calls. While Little Rock PD is the first public safety agency in Arkansas to release Atlas One’s modern reverse-911 solution, neighboring jurisdictions are expected to join later this year.

Atlas One was built to offer residents unprecedented access to real-time information, while still respecting user privacy. “Users can be comfortable sharing their location with Atlas One knowing their data is safe,” said Jamieson Johnson, Vice President of Atlas One. “Location access simply allows us to notify you if an emergency is occurring nearby. We never track historical location or share your personal data with any third parties, including Little Rock PD.” Users can still be notified if alerts occur nearby favorite places, even if they choose not to share their location.

How it Works

  • Download the free iOS or Android Atlas One App

  • Tap “GET STARTED” to create your Atlas One profile

  • Share your location or add favorite places that you want to track

  • If an alert occurs nearby your current location, the app will send a push notification alert

  • If you have a crime tip or evidence, easily share text, photos, and videos with LRPD