Now free for every public safety and health organization globally due to COVID-19.
Our Story

Atlas One is the culmination of 10 years serving local governments across North America

Atlas One is a new public safety communication tool brought to you by the team behind MobilePD. We have dedicated the last ten years to improving public safety outcomes by enhancing each of our local government customer’s ability to communicate with their residents. We believe transparency and communication are the foundation of a healthy society, and in our current climate this is more important than ever.

Ten years ago our team developed the first-ever mobile app for a police department, allowing local public safety to improve communication with the community. Hence, our company name - MobilePD. To date, we have worked with governments from coast to coast, and our software has saved countless lives across North America.

We have spent the last three years laser-focused on our new platform, Atlas One. Our goal has been simple but ambitious: build the most advanced public safety communication platform ever. Through steadfast dedication, our entire team has remained resolute in accomplishing that goal. We are thrilled to announce that Atlas One is now available.

Although we planned to launch Atlas One in the coming months as a public safety platform, with the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we realized what we have built is a powerful platform to improve communication during this pandemic. We feel that we have a moral obligation to distribute Atlas One to the world’s governments as quickly as possible.

As a testament to our commitment, we will be providing the core Atlas One platform to every local, state, and federal government globally for free. The stakes are too high for any other approach, and we fundamentally believe that this is the right thing to do.

Stay safe.

Team Atlas One